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I’ve been snooping around on the Internet and have found some interesting ideas on how to make a DIY lightbox at home.

All I need is to find a suitable material to construct the frame of the light box. Then I’ll need some white cloth. Apparently muslin cloth is good as it diffuses the light well. Next, I’d need a swivel-arm lamp that can take a 95-100W bulb. I’ll also need the bulb of course. A little tape and patience and it should be done!

I’ve never done proper product shots before, let’s see what I can achieve out of this little project.


Happy Valentine’s Day

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To my family, friends and the lovebirds out there, Happy Valentine’s Day.


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Rihanna’s concert has been postponed due to a recent turn of events. I can only wonder when she’s ready to tour again. As long as my ticket is still valid, I’ll just wait.

I had a good lunch today. It was just the two of us; nice and quiet. I find that when I sleep very little the night before, I am okay to be alone by myself or with just a small group for company. Lacking sleep, my focus will be out of whack that’s for sure. I will have a problem in trying to keep up with what everyone else is saying.

My back feels as stiff as plank wood and I am ready to collapse for the day. Thank you very much!


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I quite enjoy it. Still have lots to learn about playing it well.

It’s an art, I tell you!

Had drinks today, I love stout. Yum!

Asked a friend over drinks earlier about the element of different (or contrasting) sub-cultures in a relationship and I was told that I had a negative approach to the situation. Really? Well, anyway, I didn’t get any answers.

I am simply, afraid of the hypothesis. It’s new to me.

Had a nice dinner tonight too, great home cooked food.

Played Puerto Rico (Euro board game) after dinner. Started the game good, but lost out half way in the game. Can’t win every time I suppose.

Even with 30 hours a day, there seems to be never enough time.

Let’s Try Again

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Okay, let’s try this one more time.


The UI and features for WordPress have changed! Amazing.

I have discovered 3 new singers: Lily Allen, Olivia Ong & Aiza Suguerra. Lily Allen’s songs have interesting lyrics. The last two sings covers and are really easy to listen to.

I am a proud owner of a new Nokia E71. The phone is awesome!

The Curve has a stupid policy on the method of payment for parking fees. If you don’t have small change (RM5 or less), you’re more or less screwed.

Everytime I patronize McDonald’s, I am reminded on how horrible the burgers taste. Tonight’s Quarter-pounder was…horrible, as usual.

My job at the bank is going to get more challenging from today onwards.

I am wondering if a relationship between two person from different sub-cultures can work. Still toying with this idea.

I have consumed two products from Starbucks today.

My car has finally gotten it’s much needed wash after 4 months. I actually forgot how shiny it can be. I want a Ford Focus.

I am looking forward to poker today.

My Dad has finally entered the Internet age. I worry for the day he discovers porn on the Internet.

Malacca 2008

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After months of planning, the day trip with my friends finally materialised last Saturday.

It was a really good trip; a getaway from the usual city life. The weather was perfect, a slight overcast. We visited historical sites – St Paul’s Hill, Fort Famosa (as the locals refer to it now to avoid confusion with A’Famosa Resort) and the Stadhuys. We took photos. We left footprints along the busy narrow roads of Jonker Street. We visited the Majestic, a recently refurbished mansion turned into a boutique hotel by YTL. The Spa Village and the interior of the hotel was lovely, a modernised version of antiquity elegance. Of course, we stopped for food – Teo Chew Bak Kut Teh, Mango Ice Kacang, Cendol, Popiah, Pork Satay, Chinese Desserts, drinks in a cafe and the end the day, a scrumptious 8 dish Teo Chew dinner at Teo Soon Loong. After an interesting stroll along Jonker Street where there was a night market, we headed home for KL.

I bet we all had fun! Looking forward to more of such trips with you guys 🙂

p/s: Pity I was still down with my case of stomach flu, I was eating at half capacity. 

Stomach Flu

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I have been having a bad case of stomach flu since Tuesday. I love to eat. This flu business seriously affects my ability to eat as I would normally, therefore I am hating the stomach flu even more!

It’s uncomfortable.

There is much gas in my stomach making me feel bloated, I lose my appetite for food, I get lethargic and it left me with one sleepless night when it transitioned to a case of diarrhea.

I’m gradually getting better. Not soon enough, though.